What Storytelling Has In Store For The Future?


Storytelling has taken a whole new dimension with a range of platforms available for writers to express their thoughts. Today’s episode will talk about the perspectives of three novelists, who have taken to new platforms to explore their boundaries. Nick Earls elaborates on his interest on refreshing the novella. He explores the similarity between storytelling and podcasting. Meanwhile, Naomi Alderman, British Novelist described video games as the ‘medium of the age’. While Mike Jones speaks on the challenges of crime fiction writing offered in a Virtual Reality Experience.

The three novelist share their views on the ever-changing platform of storytelling. The new age of social media has created a fear among the publishers. Technologies are seen as a means to enhance the engagement and improve the creativity of explaining the tales. Novella, a short novel is something between a short story and lengthy tale. It is a popular writing form that was prevalent until the mid 20th century and has faded with publishers lacking interest.

Writer Nick Earls wants the novella to be revived. He has written a few novellas named, The Wisdom Tree, claiming it to be the right fit for modern readers who cannot afford the time. According to him short stories are too short and cannot afford complex plotlines or scope for character development. It can throw light on the character and allows for a little detailing allowing the reader to connect well with the characters delivering a great reading experience.

Naomi Aldermen takes refuge in video games for understanding a plot better. She is a successful scriptwriter and developer for popular video games including the Zombies, Run! It leads to interactive storytelling informs Alderman. The next big thing in storytelling is Virtual reality informs Mike Jones. The narrative scope of virtual reality has caught the attention of storytellers. He works on VR Noir a crime fiction in VR. It was premiered at the Sydney Vivid Festival.