Diabetes And Paleo Diet – What You Should Know?


Type 2 diabetes is a major cause of concern in both developed and developing countries. Despite many diet regimes to control diabetes, the Paleo diet is trending not just for controlling the disease but also helping in losing weight healthily. Paleo diet was followed in the Paleolithic era. It has beneficial effects on those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Does the diet have a promising effect on the health, see what the University of Melbourne, Associate Professor Sof Andrikopoulos has to say about Paleo diet.

The conversation with Norman Swan with Sof Andrikopoulos goes as follows: Paleo diet is all about avoiding processed food and opting for high protein wild food. This is what the hunter-gatherers did in the past and there is nothing wrong in following the diet that is dense in energy and low in sugar informs Sof. To be more precise Paleo diet is high in fat, low on carb and medium on protein. Well, the studies are still in progress and the results of the jury are awaited.

The Professors says that Kerin O’Dea on his work with the indigenous Australians said that hunter-gatherers lived on high protein and carbs and low on fat but the social media has it as high fat and low carb. Again it depends on which part of the world the Paleolithic man lived and how he hunted or ate his food. Sof says that he found two studies on the paleo diet. Both the studies published revealed that none of the two comparative diets are any better in controlling blood sugar and weight loss. The two comparisons are one from the American Diabetes Association and the other is the diabetes diet.

According to the Paleo people, it is the high fat that keeps you full and the ketosis that suppresses the craving for more food. Here fat is used for energy instead of sugar and fat produces more ketones resulting in eating fewer calories.