Some Big Rig Drivers present a great Risk on the Roads

Some Big Rig Drivers present a great Risk on the Roads

Truck drivers are often operating their vehicles while drowsy as their work shift call for long hours on the open road. As we recently reported on our Texas Truck Accident Lawyers Blog, the driver of a fuel tanker was killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer on I-10. Police are investigating the accident and questioning whether or not the driver was asleep at the wheel.

Our truck accident attorneys understand the risks that drowsy drivers pose to the safety of all motorists on our roadways. Drivers of passenger vehicles are more at risk in these types of accidents as they’re the ones who are more commonly seriously injured or killed in the event of an accident with a large truck. personal injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 3,000 motorists were killed, and 64,000 were injured, in accidents involving these large commercial trucks in 2008. Less than one-fourth of the injury or fatality victims were in the tractor-trailers at the time of the accident.

The NHTSA found that more than 100 large trucks were involved in fatal accidents in Texas in 2009.

In an effort to reduce the risk of an accident with a drowsy truck driver, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) requests that the American Trucking Associations advise companies to equip their commercial vehicles with automated and tamperproof on-board recording devices, which track driving hours and compliance with hours-of-service rules. The government is also moving to make such recorders mandatory for most over-the-road trucks.

According to an article in Automotive Discovery, a driver alertness warning and lane departure warning system is now be available to truck drivers through the SafeTraK3. This device can help to warn truck drivers about unintentional departure from their lane. It also has the ability to detect erratic driving in any one lane. Experts agree that fatigue and drowsiness are two of the biggest risk factors for commercial trucking accidents. Systems like the SafeTraK3 could be installed in all large trucks, and eventually in passenger cars, to help reduce the risks of a drowsy driving accident.

The AAA Foundation offers these safety tips to help drivers stay awake at the wheel to “Drive Alert…Arrive Alive”:

-Make sure you get enough sleep the night before. If you’ve got a trip planned that involves a significant amount of driving, be sure to prepare yourself for the trip by getting enough sleep in the days leading up to the trip.

-Avoid driving when you’re sleepy. If you feel the effects of drowsiness at the wheel, you should pull over, take a break or get a hotel room to catch up on your rest.

-Schedule a break. It is recommended that you drive no longer than 2 hours, or every 100 miles, before stopping and taking a break.

-Travel with a passenger. When you’re traveling with another passenger, be sure to take turns driving as the other passenger catches up on rest. This will cut your personal driving time in half.truck accident attorney

Make sure you listen to your biological clock while operating a motor vehicle. Night time is a very risky time for drivers as sleep can be seemingly irresistible. This urge most commonly occurs between midnight and 6 a.m. This is the time when drivers are most likely to be involved in a sleep-related accident. The second most common time for the occurrence of a drowsy driving accident is during the “afternoon lull” or between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

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Natural Ventilation in your Home

Natural Ventilation

When it comes to natural ventilation, there are two options specific to buildings that include wind driven and stack. Most buildings today use wind driven natural ventilation but architectures are finding that the stack solution also has a number of benefits to consider. Because of this, when it comes to creating a new building, architectures are finding that using both means of natural ventilation is the best solution.

Interestingly, wind impact on a building has a direct link to natural ventilation and infiltration rates. For instance, wind creates specific areas of positive pressure on the side of the building receiving the most wind. Because of this, the overall design and shape of the business will have a huge impact on the way in which air flow occurs.

When creating a building, a standard building needs to have a way of powering the wind so natural ventilation can be used best. However, to achieve natural ventilation when constructing a building, a number of things have to be considered that include:
Dimensions and form
Orientation and location
Aperture types to include chimneys, doors, and windows
Construction detailing and methodology
Conditions for urban planning
Elements for the outside to include walls
Some of the many benefits that are achieved by designing and creating a building with natural ventilation in mind include:
Using naturally occurring power and force
Economic implementation
Higher degree of effectiveness and magnitude
User friendliness

Now, just as the design of a building using natural ventilation has many benefits, there are some limitations that have to be considered, some of which include the following:
Some degree of pollution coming from the outside quality of air
Draught and discomfort
Unpredictability and/or challenges specific to variation in speed and direction
As mentioned, wind driven attributes for natural ventilation are the most common but stack has been found to also be highly beneficial. For instance, stack is temperature induced, which means that whenever there are differences in temperature for two adjoining air volumes, warmer air is naturally going to have lower density and have a greater degree of buoyancy. Because of this, the warm air rises above cold air, resulting in the creation of an upward stream of air.

For any building to have proper natural ventilation there needs to be an inside and outside stack effect, causing warm air to rise so the cool air from the outside can get inside the building through openings on low levels. The thing to remember about natural ventilation is that not only does it apply to the construction of buildings but for existing homes and offices as well.

Many people are turning to the creation of “green” homes, which consists of four pillars in the design. Two are the most important. The first consists of the resources and materials being used and the second is the indoor air, specific to natural ventilation and the reduction of hostile chemicals that would be found in paint. Of course, even the type of window coverings can create natural ventilation, regardless of style.

One of the best options has to do with bamboo. This natural material looks stunning but it also keeps with the green concept while embracing natural ventilation. Other benefits of going with bamboo include it being a cost effective solution that offers not only the right amount of natural ventilation, as well as gives the person control over light. Whether choosing a roll blind or venetian style, bamboo blinds are the perfect solution.

Then, the interesting thing about natural ventilation is that while it is important for keeping temperatures on the inside of a building cool by using outside temperature and wind, in some situations, it needs to be eliminated to keep a room comfortable. For example, some people have a difficult time keeping basements at the right temperature but to keep the space clean and cool, there needs to be the absence of natural ventilation. With this, the room is not as cold, allowing people to enjoy a more comfortable room that flows better with the rest of the house.

The concept of natural ventilation is not difficult but it does require proper configuration and construction. In today’s world, more and more people are looking for ways of using natural resources to help cut costs and increase efficiency. With this, there are a number of possibilities but one that is getting a lot of attention is natural ventilation and for good reason.

Whether building from a home, apartment, or office building from scratch, there are ways to go green. While the cost of fuel and other resource are high, air is free. Therefore, utilizing air in the form of natural ventilation will help to bring costs down naturally.
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Pest and Roaches Control Measures

Pest and Roaches Control Measures for A Healthy and Safe Living

Roaches seem to frighten and distrust almost everyone if they are in your house. In household pests roaches are at the top of the list, they spread very quickly and innumerable in a very short span of time. The general size of them ranges from half an inch to three inches. Roaches further vary in types some are more harmful than others. There might be different reasons for roaches to be in your homes. Studying about different cockroaches will help in reducing them.
The most common roach found inside your house is German roach they spread or come in your house because of water leakage. Controlling your water leakage can prevent German roaches from entering your home. Other ways to control or get rid of roaches is by taking extra care while storing your food, cleaning properly, and avoiding any water leakages.

Get Rid of Roaches:

In case these tiny creatures have already invaded your home try using different techniques to get rid of them. Mostly they enter your homes in search of food, water, and safe place to live. Roaches multiple in number very quickly and are very harmful to your health and comfort. It is highly essential for you to get rid of these horrible creatures before they spread at an uncontrollable rate and it becomes nearly impossible to finish them. It is best you take the necessary preventive measures to ensure that roaches are not in your homes.

Health Issues:

Roaches are very dangerous they are told to carry many harmful and life threatening diseases like
 Diarrhea
 Allergy
 Skin problems
 Bad smell
In order to remove these harmful creatures, one must take the necessary measures and work out the best possible plans to get rid of them before infestation. Clean them up before these health problems spread in your homes.

Techniques to Remove


When you decide to get rid of roaches it is best you find out their hiding places, so you have a clear idea as to what you are dealing with and how much infestation. Controlling pests like roaches are very necessary. They usually nest behind the fridge, under the wash basins, inside the cabinets, door corners, inside the holes in the cupboards and in drawers where you keep your grocery items. Try using a torchlight to get a better view of the pests.

Adhesive Strips:

Bring into use roach adhesive strips to determine the huge overruns of roaches. Through your homework is done with the help of torch decide the best possible place as where you plant the adhesive strips. Keep a look out on the strips you have glued and the area is having the most roaches will have more glued roaches on the strip. These overrun areas will be places where you need to take preventative measures.

Caulking Cracks:

Blocking roaches holes with the help of items won’t finish them off or reduce them. Due to their small size roaches will find a way to creep into your living space. It is best you take the necessary steps like filling your cracks. Try using caulking to fill the holes and cracks in the areas where roaches infestation is increasing or has already increased. Fill up the cracks or holes in your tiles, especially your kitchen and bathroom titles. Weather strips also prove beneficial and healthy in preventing roaches from entering your homes.

Congeal Bait:

Congeal bait have proven to be very beneficial in getting rid of roaches. They come in the form of a tube and can be used in the area which is infested with roaches. Apply the gel under your washbasin, inside your cupboards, and other places have cracks and gaps. Where it proves beneficial in killing roaches at the same time, it leaves behind dead cockroaches in the places you used the gel. It is best you quickly get rid of the dead roaches before they spread bad smell and create unhygienic conditions in your homes.

Poison Holes:

If you are trying to finish roach infestation from your homes, pest management team suggest you create small holes to attract roaches to feed and hide in. Pour a little bit of poison in each hole when the roach will consume the poison and travel back to its original home it will die and other roaches will eat it and poison will automatically get injected in them. This method has been proven beneficial when roach infestation is on a small scale. The poison may not be a very good option as it looks dirty and create a lot of mess. Another fact is one has to be extra careful and vigilant that poisoned roach is not anywhere near your food. Try not using this technique if you have infants at home.

Boric Acid:

Boric acid is a very useful in getting rid of roaches. Make a paste of boric acid with water and apply it in areas infested by roaches and other pests. It is very deadly and has a bad odor as well. Ensure that you keep it out of range of children and pets.

Pest Controlling Team:

Letting a professional handle your infestation is a much better idea than doing it yourself. As you might not be able to do as good job as them. The control team will be able to get rid of roaches permanently and save you from the trouble of applying new remedies. Getting the team to handle the problem will be more cost effective and satisfying. You won’t have to block cracks and holes. Won’t have to face finding dead roaches each morning. Pest controlling team will guide you best as what precautions you have to take while they are getting rid of roaches and pests. Most likely when they spray in your homes they will ask you and children to vacate the house for some time and person inside must wear proper mask and gloves as to avoid any damage and any chance of asthma as the substance being sprayed has a very strong odor.
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