Natural Ventilation in your Home

Natural Ventilation

When it comes to natural ventilation, there are two options specific to buildings that include wind driven and stack. Most buildings today use wind driven natural ventilation but architectures are finding that the stack solution also has a number of benefits to consider. Because of this, when it comes to creating a new building, architectures are finding that using both means of natural ventilation is the best solution.

Interestingly, wind impact on a building has a direct link to natural ventilation and infiltration rates. For instance, wind creates specific areas of positive pressure on the side of the building receiving the most wind. Because of this, the overall design and shape of the business will have a huge impact on the way in which air flow occurs.

When creating a building, a standard building needs to have a way of powering the wind so natural ventilation can be used best. However, to achieve natural ventilation when constructing a building, a number of things have to be considered that include:
Dimensions and form
Orientation and location
Aperture types to include chimneys, doors, and windows
Construction detailing and methodology
Conditions for urban planning
Elements for the outside to include walls
Some of the many benefits that are achieved by designing and creating a building with natural ventilation in mind include:
Using naturally occurring power and force
Economic implementation
Higher degree of effectiveness and magnitude
User friendliness

Now, just as the design of a building using natural ventilation has many benefits, there are some limitations that have to be considered, some of which include the following:
Some degree of pollution coming from the outside quality of air
Draught and discomfort
Unpredictability and/or challenges specific to variation in speed and direction
As mentioned, wind driven attributes for natural ventilation are the most common but stack has been found to also be highly beneficial. For instance, stack is temperature induced, which means that whenever there are differences in temperature for two adjoining air volumes, warmer air is naturally going to have lower density and have a greater degree of buoyancy. Because of this, the warm air rises above cold air, resulting in the creation of an upward stream of air.

For any building to have proper natural ventilation there needs to be an inside and outside stack effect, causing warm air to rise so the cool air from the outside can get inside the building through openings on low levels. The thing to remember about natural ventilation is that not only does it apply to the construction of buildings but for existing homes and offices as well.

Many people are turning to the creation of “green” homes, which consists of four pillars in the design. Two are the most important. The first consists of the resources and materials being used and the second is the indoor air, specific to natural ventilation and the reduction of hostile chemicals that would be found in paint. Of course, even the type of window coverings can create natural ventilation, regardless of style.

One of the best options has to do with bamboo. This natural material looks stunning but it also keeps with the green concept while embracing natural ventilation. Other benefits of going with bamboo include it being a cost effective solution that offers not only the right amount of natural ventilation, as well as gives the person control over light. Whether choosing a roll blind or venetian style, bamboo blinds are the perfect solution.

Then, the interesting thing about natural ventilation is that while it is important for keeping temperatures on the inside of a building cool by using outside temperature and wind, in some situations, it needs to be eliminated to keep a room comfortable. For example, some people have a difficult time keeping basements at the right temperature but to keep the space clean and cool, there needs to be the absence of natural ventilation. With this, the room is not as cold, allowing people to enjoy a more comfortable room that flows better with the rest of the house.

The concept of natural ventilation is not difficult but it does require proper configuration and construction. In today’s world, more and more people are looking for ways of using natural resources to help cut costs and increase efficiency. With this, there are a number of possibilities but one that is getting a lot of attention is natural ventilation and for good reason.

Whether building from a home, apartment, or office building from scratch, there are ways to go green. While the cost of fuel and other resource are high, air is free. Therefore, utilizing air in the form of natural ventilation will help to bring costs down naturally.
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