Is Electronic Voting Trustworthy?


The electronic voting system is being followed in developed and developing democracies across the globe during elections. The voting system ensures there is no duplication and the voter rolls are verified. The counting process is hastened with optical scanners. The doubts that arise is if the voting can be done online or should the voter visit the voting booth to cast their votes? Is online voting secure? Can hacking prove detrimental to the voting system? These are some of the questions that need an answer. The discussion will be related to this topic.

With everything going online today, electronic voting is going to change the political scenario. Governments across the globe are taking a call on online voting and the trial has already begun. Critics have always cautioned on the electronic voting system calling it insecure for our democracy. The United Kingdom ran trials on the electronic voting for their local elections during the years 2002, 2003 and in 2007. Estonia was the first country to go online for voting for their general elections in the year 2007.

electricA research by the WebRoots Democracy informs that there is a higher chance of young voters voting if the voting system goes online. Moreover, the cost incurred for the election could be drastically brought down with the online voting system. Though some security concerns do arise despite there were no attacks on the e-voting system. But it is not denied that the e-voting system may become vulnerable to attacks if the system is widespread.

Besides securing the e-voting system from malware and other related threats it has to be protected from manipulations. There are no signatures to authenticate the voter, very similar to the postal ballot system. With this said e-voting is not completely free from malpractices. Cyber security issues are also a cause for concern in the electronic voting system. It could be scary and make democracy a gamble.

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